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Y11 Poetry

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Tu 3 Mar



The patterning of sounds and images to reveal and re-create truth



"Power" by Corrine Hales (Prose)

"Power" by Corrine Hales (Poetry) 

Which is more powerful and why?

Paragraph, how do the line breaks contribute to the imagery and emotional impact of the poem? (20 minutes)


How to Recite Poetry

poetry out loud model


Dos and Don'ts of Reading Poetry and

Awful Poems Packet:

_Dos and Donts Reading and Writing Poetry.pdf 

Find a poem to recite


Read Packet for tomorrow

(not Awful poems chapter)

Come with questions. Look up unfamiliar words

W 4 Mar

Collect Macbeth draft 

Dos and Don'ts


Not rhyme, Not meter, Use the packet

"Ozymandias" P. B. Shelley (21)


No new HW--apart from find poem to recite

W 11 Mar


Mac Draft back to Ss

Approve Recitation poems


Motif and Theme

"The Pond" Michael Schmidt (45)

  • How and why does Schmidt use reflection as a motif? 


Mac paper 


F 13 Mar


Memorization and Recitation skills

What is the tone and how is it conveyed through Sexton's imagery and/or motifs?

(stanza-by-stanza grid: patterns, tone, evidence of tone based on patterns)

"Unknown Girl in the Maternity Ward" Anne Sexton



Mac paper


T 17 Mar


Mac Final Draft due


"The Toys" Coventry Patmore (47)

  • Ambiguous syntax



Memorize and polish poem

W 18 Mar


"The Toys"

Llook at the prayer

Synthesize parts to articulate theme 

Write a conclusion

No new HW

W 25 Mar


Recitations  Annotate "The Early Purges" (31)

F 27 Mar


Return and comment on Macbeth papers

Finish recitations

Follow up on memorization experience

"The Early Purges"--read through and initial comments on ordering of ideas, imagery, patterns 

HW: 150-word polished paragraph on "The Early Purges": How do imagery and experience work together to achieve the poem's purpose?

T 31 Mar


"The Soldier" Rupert Brook (75)

"Anthem for Doomed Youth" Wilfred Owen (75) 




"The Lesson" Edward Lucie-Smith (123)

  • Read "Riding the 'A," (sheet also includes "Telephone Poles,""Girl in the Doorway," and "The Kingfisher")
  • Annotate
  • 140-160-word polished paragraph, 1.5-spacing: How does the sound of the language or the pattern of imagery contribute to the poem's purpose? 

W 1 Apr


No Lessons: Students at Hamlet No HW

W 8 Apr


Follow-up on "Riding the 'A'"


Intro In the Time of the Butterflies


"Afterwards" Thomas Hardy (29)

"The Voice" Thomas Hardy (54)

(enrichment: Wordsworth's "Tintern Abbey" (56)

How is the theme of loss developed in either poem?)



In the time of the Butterflies: Book I and Ch. 5

  • One journal entry per chapter (300 words) (combine Chapter 1 and 5 into one entry)
  • Point of View, Characterization: who the narrator is, what that point of view reveals about her and what that point of view reveals about her sisters
  • Narrative structure: who is telling what part of the story, frame, chronology, critical scenes (touchstones/turning points)
  • Themes and motifs, compelling quotations, other patterns, how a book begins, how characters are introduced and developed.
  • ...some: gender, love and revolution, from ordinary person to hero, the burden of survival...


F 10 Apr


No Lessons--begin Easter Break  

T 21 Apr

Collect Butterflies journals

10 minutes


"Thistles" Ted Hughes (11)

15 minutes to read

What is personification's role?

What kind of diction is it, and what is its effect?

Is this a lesson, metaphor, or observation?

30 minutes to write


How does Ted Hughes turn the natural and banal process of blossoming into an epic struggle? (1P at end of class)

Butterflies 84-168. Choose a character and theme to focus your journal entry. 300 words


How to Write on a Novel


Unlike a poem, you can’t write comprehensively on a novel. Even “resources” like Sparknotes are only glissades. Because novels by nature are long, you have to find a way to narrow your reading and study of it. 


With In the Time of the Butterflies, this is rather easy to do. You can pick a theme and study its development among the characters, as the story develops chronology. Better yet—at least “better” in terms of narrowing your task—choose a narrator and study how her chapters explore and develop a given theme.


Think about what this affords you. Now you only pay close attention to particular chapters, still being sure to perk up when a that character is mentioned along with your chosen theme in another character’s chapter. You may still wish to collect a few quotations and details from another character to draw a contrast. However, you can see how 324-page novel becomes much, much shorter. 


This also makes longer reading assignments shorter, as you can read certain chapters more quickly, annotating little if anything in those chapters that fall outside your focus. 


Of course, this all depends on choosing a focus: character and theme. By the beginning of Book 2, you have a sense of the characters and what ideas surround them.



Public/Private discourse















W 22 April 


Dos and Don'ts of Reading Poetry (and Writing): Awful Poems

W 29 April D 

Collect characterand theme journal


Dos and Don'ts


"Mushrooms" Sylvia Plath (12)

write in class:



171-? (226)

1 Journal (300 words) from 1of the 2 chapters: an important passage, quotation, event, image, continuance of a pattern, development on a theme. Do not stuff with plot summary.

T 5 May D

Continue with Butterflies posters


"Mushrooms" Sylvia Plath (12)




write thesis in class: connect plot, theme, and imagery


Hear and read "Alcatraz" 

"Alcatraz" (2:38)?



1 journal from 1 chapter, same instructions 

W 6 May S

45-minute in-class writing on 

"Mushrooms" or "Alcatraz"


F 15 May D

Butterflies posters


Respond to "Mushrooms" and "Alcatraz" essays

(Good work--no very, imageries, dictions, uses/use of;


need to cite lines; quotation can't stand alone)


Summer Reading:

Poetry 180

180 More

Good Poems

Good Poems for Hard Times

Writer's Almanac




Read and Write on

"5 Ways to Kill a Man" Edwin Brock (111)

Finish 227-297 and Journal


Bring 3 poems next time

W 20 May D

Butterflies posters


Select, summarise, annotate and discuss

3 remaining poems

Write: 20 minute journal


1 journal--same instructions

Discussion prep

F 22 May D In-class writing

Discussion prep

T 26 May D Discussions: Dede and Patria Discussion prep
W 27 May D Discussions: Minerva, etc. topic and argument proposal: 2 paragraphs to read aloud
W 3 Jun D Work time write paper
F 5 Jun D

Complete Rough Draft due (bring in electronically)


Work on in class

T 9 Jun D Sudden Fiction work on paper
W 10 Jun S

Paper due


Sudden Fiction

W 17 Jun D Last class No HW


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