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The Handmaid's Tale

Page history last edited by Matt Peterson 10 years, 11 months ago

24 August Reading for 26 August

Define 'dystopia' in your own words.

In a page: Why is this novel important?

Read and take notes on:

HT - Overview 1 - Perkins.pdf

HT - Overview 2 - Miner.pdf

HT - York Notes Prefatory Material - Ch 1.pdf

HT - York Notes Historical Background.pdf


26 August Reading for 30 August

HT - Feminist Context.pdf

HT - Historical.pdf

HT - Philip Hensher.pdf

HT - Thompson.pdf


1 September Reading for 3 September

Atwood Interview.doc

HT - Beauchamp.pdf


3 September Reading for 9 September

HT - Cambridge Companion.pdf


9 September Reading for 13 September

Ch 23 Atwood Article - Worrying at Words.pdf


21 September Reading for 28 September

Margaret Atwood - A Critical Companion.pdf




II Shopping


     "Everything except the wings around my face is red: the color of blood, which defines us" (8, ch. 2).

     (put back in: Atwood 1 - HT - SL7 May 08.mp3)  


 X Soul Scrolls

     25, 26


     Recording (put back in: Atwwod 2 - Handmaid's Tale - SL7 May 08.mp3) (166-167)



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