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Poetry Out Loud

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Poems and Their Performance


Lyla Poetry Slam Winner

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It's about presence as much as it's about poetry--being present, becoming a presence

So make your words present: This fellow/This Guy

Them all/the mall/everyone



Tone shift

Posture shift


Scratch & Dent Dream--Slam Poetry

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Act the voice--attitude and persona

*Brainstorm Personas

Attitude - Profession - Situation

Narrative works well to get into a persona


Siren Song - Margaret Atwood

Teal Van Dyck


Repetition--emphasis and structure

What I remember...

No, actually...

I've been waiting...



List Poems:

"The Things I Want for My Birthday"

"Thirty Memorable Embarrassing Moments"

"Moments I Wish I Could Forget"

"I am from..."

The only truth is that you are performing: the speaker is not the poet.


Surprise--line breaks and pace
You make me want to throw up
My hands in delight
Or in the final lines--Fulcrum

Then, I...

Now, I...


My question then was...

My question now is...


If I could...

I would...


Forgetfulness - Billy Collins

Jackson Hille


No Attitude, no poem






Attitude exercise

Don't write what you think and feel. Write what you WANT to think and feel. And about what you do not want to think and feel.

*List Desires/Fears

Don't forget to Laugh


*Slam "Passing Thru" p. 52

(how to hold a manuscript)

*Recipe poem--imperative mood


*Another poem exercise: Something you observed between waking and arriving in this room

The only truth is that a poem was written

The sound of language is the truth


Silence, sincerity, presence 

Unknown Girl in the Maternity Ward

Amanda Fernandez


*Eye Contact Exercise

"I am a duck, zigging and zagging across a pond of rippling water."


Facing It - Yusef Komunyakaa

Branden Emanual Wellington


Voice and Gesture Exercise

Luke, I am your father.

I see dead people.

"From Blossoms" to Da da da


Pushing the envelope:


Group Poem.mp3


Poetry Writing Exercises

Accurate, Engaging, Vivid


Fill the blank with a word or a phrase—striking comparisons: metaphors, similes

1. In his rage my father would bang on the wall like a …

2. Among her new in-laws, the young wife was as nervous as…

3. I paced the room as restless as a…

4. Like a …, his smile suddenly collapsed.

5. It was the old sycamore in the front yard, swaying like a…

Evocative images through strong, specific language:

6. I loved the … of the wash on the line in the summer morning.

7. I was afraid of his …, his drunken, ungainly walk.

8. I will not forget the … of your lips, your skin’s …, or the … or your eyes.

9. She wished to draw me deeper into the … of her life.

3-4 Sentences that sparkle with linguistic invention—using precise, charged language:

10. A rundown house

11. An old table, desk, bicycle, truck or car

12. A particular potted plant

13. Someone working in a kitchen or a garden

14. A small incident seen in the street or in a store

With Sentences 1-9, choose one to expand into a poem.


 Poetry Writing Exercies.doc



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