OnLine Poetry


The Writer's Almanac from NPR

18 Oct: Tom Hennan's "Autumn Waiting"


17 Oct: Jason Whitmarsh's "Department Store Fictions"


15 Oct: Jason Whitmarsh's "Apology"


12 Oct: Sonia Gernes's "Golden"


10 Oct: Dennis Ward Stiles's "Mornings on the Farm"


5 Oct: Gabrielle Calvocoressi's "Jubilee"


4 Oct: Billy Collins' "Water Table"


23 Sep: Luci Shaw's "Pink"


8 Sep: Ted Kooser's "Splitting an Order"


5 Sep: Cortney Davis's "Every Day, the Pregnant Teenagers"


1 Sep: Jump to 1:41 to hear R.T. Smith's "In the Night Orchard."